Conference Publication

In order to support high quality research worldwide, International Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IJEEE) has decided to publish "Special Issues” for the International/National Conferences to be organized around the globe. The conferences will also be promoted & advertised on respective Journal’s Website and Social Media platforms.

IJEEE welcomes Colleges/Universities to publish their conference proceedings with IJEEE online open access database and in print. This service is for the research community furthering our mission to disseminate the knowledge globally.

The organizing teams for the conferences are requested to provide the manuscripts in MS-Word (.doc/.docx) format to the editor of IJEEE. The format of the manuscript must adhere with the IJEEE paper template. The manuscripts must be categorized according to the topics addressed by respective conference.

Conference organizers interested to publish their selected manuscripts with IJEEE are requested to use the copyright form and paper template provided on the website. Compliance with the required documents is a necessity for the publication in IJEEE.

Special Issues of Conferences Published so far:

1. National Conference: Advancements in Computing and Communication Technologies (ACCT-2014)

2. International Conference: Recent Trends in Electronics, Data Communication & Computing (ICRTEDC-2014)

3. International Conference: Electronic Design Innovations & Technologies (EDIT-2015)

4. National Conference: Recent Innovations in  Electronics, Electrical & Computer Engineering (RIEECE-2015)